• When Nothing Else Works

    TrellisWare focuses on many of the world’s most challenging communications problems – from large scale ground to ground wideband networks to dynamic air and ground networks. From signal processing solutions to robust performance radios, TrellisWare’s focus is on improving communications where nothing else works.

    MANET Products • FEC • Waveforms • Advanced Applications

  • MANET Products

    TrellisWare produces the world's highest performing wideband networked family of products featuring its own Tactical Scalable Mobile Ad Hoc Networked (TSM) waveform for military, civil and commercial environments where nothing else works.

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  • FEC

    TrellisWare's Flexible Low-Density Parity-Check codes provide capacity-approaching performance across more block sizes and rates – and with higher throughput or lower implementation complexity – than competing modern codes.

    VSAT • Handheld Radios • Free Space Optics • E-Band

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  • Waveforms

    Unique High Performance Physical Layer (PHY) solutions for the harshest environments. High dynamics, high multipath, high interference, wideband networked performance.

    SRW • UAG • TSM

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  • OEM Modules

    Embeddable PHY and complete radio designs in a module that can be easily integrated into your system.

    High performance PHY modules • Wideband networked radio modules • High-speed modems

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  • Situational Awareness

    TrellisWare has waveform tools capable of addressing advanced signal processing problems such as:

    Co-channel interference mitigation • Ground-to-ground DF in multipath • SIGINT in interference environments • Blind signal detection/classification

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