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FEC/Waveforms Applications

TrellisWare’s FEC products are used commercially in VSAT and E-Band modems and have been incorporated in a number of military communications waveforms and standards. Indeed, our Tactical Scalable MANET waveform employs the F-LDPC to enhance robustness in harsh RF environments.

FSO – Free Space Optics

FSO communications offer a number of advantages over traditional RF designs including (i) increased bandwidth availability, (ii) lower probabilities of interception and detection, and (iii) size, weight, and power savings. The Gbps+ throughputs offered by the F-LDPC enable the benefits of modern FEC to be realized in FSO links. TrellisWare’s FSO transceiver products use an innovative hybrid automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocol, enabled by the flexibility of the F-LDPC code, that provides enhanced robustness to scintillation-induced fading.

SRW – Soldier Radio Waveform

SRW, which is being developed to deliver wideband networked voice and data at the tactical edge, constitutes the first application of PSP and AID technologies to military communications systems. SRW will enable connectivity between squad and team members so as to increase situational awareness and reduce fratricide. TrellisWare currently supports SRW as an innovator – e.g., the development of new PHY modes – and porter for JPEO JTRS and all major OEM contractors.

UAG – Universal Air-and-Ground Physical Layer

Unmanned vehicles – whether airborne or ground-based – can be controlled remotely via teleoperations, or “teleops”, links.  TrellisWare’s UAG PHY is being developed to meet the growing need for a spectrally agile teleops link that can be deployed globally. TrellisWare’s core technologies, including AID, PSP, and F-LDPC technology, were used in the UAG to provide enhanced robustness and throughput while our modular design philosophy was applied to provide flexibility in channelization and frequency allocation.