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To redefine the ‘edge’ of communications systems by developing the next generation of radio products that enable communications connectivity when nothing else works.

TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. was founded on the premise that the dramatic improvements over the past decade in theory and electronics density could enable a radical change in the design and performance of communications and signal processing systems. Rather than use part of the information to implement each part of the receiver design and then combine the pieces serially, TrellisWare attempts to use all of the information all of the time and do as much as possible of the receive processing in a fully integrated solution. This statement may seem intuitively obvious, but it is a dramatic departure from traditional communications systems design. Despite the exponential growth in processing capability provided by “Moore’s Law”, innovative implementation and system engineering techniques are required to realize small form factor radio products based on these advanced algorithms.

TrellisWare is delivering the next generation of communications – today.