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TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. was launched in 2000 to commercialize advanced signal processing concepts pioneered by our founders during the 1990s for ground-based communications. Beginning with Per-Survivor Processing (PSP) and Adaptive Iterative Detection (AID) concepts, the TrellisWare founders began developing a series of very advanced signal processing techniques specifically aimed at combating dramatic performance drops most communications system experience in harsher RF environments or at much higher data rates.

TrellisWare developed a number of advanced signal processing solutions based on these core technologies.  Examples include co-channel interference (CCI) mitigation, flexible modern error correction coding hardware, and advanced waveforms.  These solutions were instantiated as ASIC/FPGA cores, chips, or board-level solutions.  Notable examples include the Flexible Low Density Parity Check (F-LDPC) Code and the digital physical layer (PHY) for the CC mode of the Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) and our own waveforms aimed at addressing an emerging market need for robust wideband mobile ad hoc networks (MANET).

Starting in the mid-2000s, TrellisWare designed and built various Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms to prove out its new waveform innovations, including SRW and MANET.  These platforms grew smaller and more rugged and soon became the basis for early product introductions. In addition, TrellisWare created new networking and upper layer communications software to take advantage of the unique PHY capabilities. TrellisWare product design engineers worked closely with the customer community to evaluate these early networked radio products and evolved the technology to meet the needs of the customer and user base – from military to first responder, industrial and commercial.  One theme they all had in common – the dire need for robust wideband communications regardless of their environment.

TrellisWare has grown from its roots as an intellectual property (IP) company to today’s innovative product company, with thousands of operational units fielded. In support of this evolution, TrellisWare has added capabilities for large scale, low cost production, integration and test, and customer support.  The TrellisWare team continues to innovate at the basic technology level and sell cores, chips and modules while bringing the same enthusiasm and inventive spirit to efficiently designing, producing and supporting our end item products in an effort to meet all of our customers’ needs.

New areas of advancement at TrellisWare in communications and Situational Awareness include multi-Gbps digital modems operating near Shannon capacity, greatly enhanced co-channel processing, location finding in GPS denied environs, plus improvements in anti-jam and networking capacity. In addition smaller, more efficient and user friendly end item products that take advantage of our unique MANET, FEC and Situational Awareness solutions are currently under development. TrellisWare aims to drive the future of communications – enabling connections when nothing else works.