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Core IP

Barrage Relay Networks (BRNs)

Barrage relay is a significant advance over traditional approaches to mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) which attempt to force the wired network paradigm onto the wireless medium.  These traditional approaches manage a link resource between two radios and, as a result, have complicated protocols to avoid interference, build brittle, large latency multi-hop links, and are highly sensitive to node mobility.  BRNs are based on cooperative communications and have no wired network analogy.  Low-latency, low-overhead, robust communications is enabled with extreme robustness to dynamics in network topology.

TrellisWare Likelihood Processing (TLP):

TrellisWare embraces a top-down approach to developing core receiver signal processing algorithms based on the fundamentals of decision theory.   This means that many of our core algorithms are provably optimal or may be viewed as practical implementations of theoretically optimal approaches.  Two important examples of this TrellisWare Likelihood Processing are Per-Survivor Processing (PSP) and Adaptive Iterative Detection (AID).  PSP may be viewed as an adaptive version of the Viterbi algorithm that provides near optimal data detection in for time-varying channels.  AID builds upon PSP and incorporates the iterative processing principles discovered in the context of Turbo decoding.  With AID, virtually all receiver tasks (equalization, channel tracking, FEC decoding, etc.) can be integrated with near optimal performance.

Flexible Modern Modulation and Coding:

Modern error correction codes based on cyclic graphical models and iterative decoding (e.g., Turbo, LDPC, codes) have proven to be superior to traditional convolutional and Reed-Solomon codes in many applications.  The solutions available elsewhere are point designs, providing a small set of block sizes, code rates, and targeted size/speed implementations.  TrellisWare has developed highly flexible codecs that provide performance near the information theoretical limits over virtually all practical block sizes and code rates.  Utilizing proprietary architectures, our codecs can be targeted for industry leading size and speed combinations.  Furthermore, on-the-fly reconfigurability allows customers to use adaptive modulation and coding schemes to track the instantaneous capacity of time varying channels.

Architecture Innovations

TrellisWare has developed a number of proprietary hardware and real-time software architectures to implement the advanced algorithms and protocols described above.  In fact, a core TrellisWare competency is the rapid translation of theoretical advances into efficient, reliable prototypes and subsequent products.  TrellisWare’s extensive experience in these implementation processes allows rapid retargeting and partitioning in response to customer requirements.