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TrellisWare employs best design practices for low-cost, reliable products and effective, efficient customer support.

Modular Hardware & Software Design

Modular design approaches are followed throughout the process of product development, manufacturing, delivery, and support.  Specific examples of TrellisWare’s modular design technologies include:

  • Industry standard connectors and interfaces
  • Industry standard processors, components, and system architectures
  • Common hardware and software across products lines
  • Simple, web-based interfaces for configuration, customization, and support

Customers benefit from TrellisWare’s modular design practices via:

  • Increased compatibility between TrellisWare products and other devices
  • Lower cost and power consumption by leveraging commercial technology trends
  • Simplified application development, system integration, and customization
  • Simple upgrades leveraged across product lines

To learn more about our design technology in action see our MANET products.