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Physical Layer

TrellisWare’s core technologies enable new regimes of radio operation and yield products with industry leading performance – measured in terms of range, throughput, reliability, cost, power consumption, etc.   Two broad categories of improvement are robustness and efficiency.


TrellisWare links remain reliable under an extremely wide range of operating conditions including

  • Extreme, fast channel variations due to user mobility and harsh multipath environments
  • Distortions due to transmit/receive chain nonlinearities, channelization filters, and non-ideal components (e.g., oscillators)
  • Interference caused multiple access and adversarial jamming

Not only is this robustness a key component of working when nothing else does, but it also often allows for substantial reductions in cost and transceiver power consumption. Advanced signal processing allows us to employ lower-power, lower-cost components in our designs.


TrellisWare links not only provide connectivity in severe channel conditions, but also operate with maximal throughputs in these environments.  This is achieved via

  • Receiver sensitivity near the Shannon limit
  • Lower overhead for channel identification and synchronization allowing for higher effective data rates
  • Flexible and adaptive coding and modulation enable TrellisWare links to  approach the maximal theoretical throughput offered by current – not just worst case or average – channel conditions

To learn more about our design technology in action see our MANET, Waveform and FEC  products.