First Responders


First responder communications

Infrastructure-less MANET

When disaster strikes or during major public events, a large number of end devices can easily congest or cause systems to fail. TSM™ provides essential communications to authorities such as police, firefighters, paramedics, coordinators, or rescuers.

With TSM, you can deploy a MANET at a moment’s notice, requiring no infrastructure, no cell towers, no access point or gateways, and no command center. Remaining mobile and being able to handle unforeseen changes in network topologies is a key TSM advantage that enables first responders to reach people in trouble and potentially save lives.

In the Line of Fire

For those patrolling our national borders, infiltrating underground tunnels, or fighting wildfires, TSM provides the most effective job-enabling wireless communication and networking solutions.

TSM is designed to ensure robust performance when your network requires mobility, scalability, and adaptability to any dynamic and challenging environment.

  • Infrastructure-less MANET
  • AMR 5.9 or MELPe voice quality
  • AES-256 Secure
  • Simultaneous voice, data, GPS
  • Robust in high RF multipath environments (urban, in-ship, heavy foliage, subterranean)
Border Patrol Agent in Tunnel
Emergency professionals

Safeguarding Lives and Nations

TSM delivers modern real-time intelligence to settle uncertainty in times of emergency. Law enforcement and emergency crews are connected in one network, and as more radios are added, the network only gets stronger. Small to large-scale teams, geographically separated across long distances can join together and share information. If normal systems are congested, unsecure, or non-existent; TSM keeps people on-the-move and connected.

  • Monitors and detects hazards
  • Tracks and coordinates assets
  • Map displays and distributed video
  • Interoperates with other platforms (PCs, Android™ devices)
  • Fast plug-and-play deployment, easy to use

High-Tech Modern Capability

TrellisWare is committed to public safety and to innovating past problematic communication systems. TSM is modern, reliable, and field-proven to aid our heroes with the proper standards they need for successful communications.

  • Scalable, high-speed wireless IP networking
  • Combines networks over a tactical satellite network
  • Access to Internet and sensor technology
  • Integrates with UAS to extend network
  • Low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)
  • Lower total cost of ownership
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