Tactical Scalable MANET (TSM)

Download TW-600 Spec Sheet

TSM Waveform

TrellisWare radios operate in an infrastructure-less Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). The network is self-forming and self-healing with unmatched scalability. It simultaneously supports voice, video streaming, IP data, position location information (PLI), and throughput of 8 Mbps. MANET deployment reaches long distances, it is simple networking (no access points or programmed routes), and it can handle an unlimited node count. TrellisWare’s Tactical Scalable MANET (TSM) network provides robust communications in harsh environments where nothing else works.

Key characteristics of our TSM network include:

High speed wireless IP networking

  • 8 Mbps usable data
  • Transparent IP networking – plug and play
  • IPv4/IPv6 standard compliant

Robust Mobile Ad-hoc Networking

  • Self-forming/Self-healing
  • 200+ node network in actual user deployment
  • 26 mile range per network hop

Independent network channels for voice, data, and PLI

  • Cellular quality voice – 12 channels
  • Multiple simultaneous streaming videos
  • GPS position information available anywhere

TSM Network coverage of a dense urban environment