Joint Analog and Digital Interference Canceller (JADIC)

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Interference cancellation is needed in many military and commercial situations to receive a weak signal in the presence of a strong interferer. TrellisWare has solutions ranging from passive non-linear cancellation to active-adaptive interference cancellation.

The Joint Analog and Digital Interference Canceller (JADIC) product eliminates a strong co-located interferer from the received signal and passes the “cleaned” received signal onto the transceiver. Radio frequency jammers are used to prevent the remote detonation of bombs, but these jammers also interfere with the desired received signal. JADIC removes the strong jammer signal from the incoming received signal, and permits communications.

Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) on the same frequency allows the doubling of system capacity, but requires the cancellation of the transmitted signal from the desired received signal, which JADIC is well-suited for.

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