Dual-Channel TSM Radio with Amplified Power

The TW-130 WildCat II™ radio is designed for tactical communications that need high power and extended network range.

TW-130 Wildcatt II

High Power Performance

For networks that need to stay mobile and scalable, and extend throughout dynamic and harsh RF environments, WildCat II offers 8 Watt high power performance and flexibility for range via ground-based vehicles or manpacks.

A Gateway between Channels

Expand network possibilities with robust connections by using WildCat II as a gateway between channels to cross-connect multiple networks together that would otherwise be isolated.

Wildcat Expanded Network Possibilities

Two Radios in One

WildCat II is two radios in one, and so equipped with dual channels. WildCat II simplifies complex network topologies with its amplified transmitting power for long range transmissions as a backhaul and combining of dual independent networks.


Size 2″ (H) x 5″ (W) x 5.5″ (D)
Weight (R/T only) 55 oz
Frequency Range 1775–1815 MHz, 2200–2250 MHz
Occupied Bandwidth 20 MHz, Configurable to 4 MHz
Transmit Power 8 W Per Channel
Input Power 9–30 V DC
Environmental MIL-STD-810G
Water Resistant Splash Proof
Connectors 24-pin Multi-function, 6-pin Audio, TNC RF Antenna, SMA GPS Antenna
Data Rate 8 Mbps IP Throughput per Channel
Audio Encoding AMR 5.9 or MELPe, Up to 12 Channels
Audio Latency 3 Hop < 275 ms; 8 Hop < 400 ms
Net Entry Time < 1 Second
Waveform TSM
Modulation Constant Envelope
WildCat II is an extremely powerful dual channel radio that combines multiple networks for vast coverage.

  • Designed specifically for vehicle mounts in tactical situations
  • Bridges multiple networks together between channels
  • Provides long range transmissions as a backhaul in challenging environments
  • Extends network range with high power
  • Operates with other TSM Products
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