The NEW TW-880 TSM Ghost™ Embedded Module was designed from the ground up to better meet communication systems integration requirements in uncrewed markets. The module provides interfaces and capabilities that integrators need in one of the industry’s lowest Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) configurations, and requires minimal integration effort.

The TW-880 embedded module is the smallest, lightest, and most capable product for plug and play integration of the TrellisWare® TSM™ waveform. It includes Ethernet, Serial, and USB data interfaces to support transmission of command and control (C2) communications, status, and payload data over the TSM network.


The TW-880 supports operation across the 225-450 MHz, 698-970 MHz, and 1250-2600 MHz frequency bands to provide integrators and operators radio frequency (RF) spectrum flexibility without the need to swap radio modules.


Ocelot embedded integration

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