Introducing TW-860
TSM Spirittm




TrellisWare’s TW-860 TSM Spirit™ is a software-defined radio (SDR) in a cost-effective and compact form factor designed for next-generation soldier systems, public safety, and first responder requirements. Powered by the TSM™ waveform, the TW-860 is ideal for deployment at the edge of the network.

The Most Cost-Effective TSM™ Enabled Radio

The TW-860 TSM Spirit™ radio is packed with features and built for body-worn use in a rugged form-factor. It is also built to fit your budget.

Interoperable with all TSM™ enabled radios, the TW-860 adds another cost-effective TSM solution to expand your network to everyone who needs to be connected.

Packed with capability, the TW-860 delivers on performance. The core feature set provides seamless data connectivity for all body-worn end-user equipment, support for USB-C Power Delivery (PD), built-in GPS for positional reporting, daylight readable display, compact keypad for direct control, and of course the TrellisWare® TSM™ Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) waveform that is easy to use, configure, and manage.

Optional features can be added to meet your requirements as needed. This includes voice, extended bandwidths, and even new waveforms coming soon.

Global Frequency Coverage

Flexibility is needed when your work takes you to anywhere around the world.

With the TSM Spirit radio, there is no need to carry multiple radios, hardware modules, or add-ons in order to get the spectrum coverage you need.

The radio provides total spectrum coverage of nearly 1850 MHz. Or stated another way, over 1500 channels (at 1.2 MHz bandwidth) to choose from to support worldwide deployment.

The TSM Spirit radio provides the flexibility to utilize the available spectrum supporting global deployments, unlike other networking radios that cover a small fraction of this and require multiple radios to cover multiple bands.

TrellisWare's Single Board Radio

Designed to be Worn

Far greater capability, far smaller in size

The TSM Spirit radio offers industry leading size, weight, and power (SWaP) among body-worn mesh networking radios.

The TSM Spirit is ideal for use with body-worn wearable antennas, only requiring one antenna to achieve reliable performance (versus MIMO radios that require multiple antennas).

The TSM Spirit is designed with a single data and power connector that supports IP data and USB-C Power Delivery (PD) to support conformal wearable batteries (CWB).

Full TSM voice capability is an available option for the TSM Spirit. With this capability comes dual push-to-talk (PTT) voice with up to 32 selectable talk groups (even with 1.2 MHz channel bandwidth), enabling intra-team and inter-team communications. The TSM Spirit radio also supports stereo and spatial audio with partner audio solutions.

In addition to traditional pouches, an optional MOLLE clip is available for the simplest of wearing options.

The TSM Spirit is designed with a secondary USB port for expanded capabilities, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for audio and data devices.

There is only one TrellisWare® TSM™ Waveform

TSM Spirit is Interoperable with all TSM-enabled radios

The TSM waveform is the leading Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) solution to support uninterrupted communications in real dynamic environments. TrellisWare’s patented Barrage Relay™ networking, eliminates routing, minimizes network overhead, and provides unrivaled scalability.

TrellisWare’s advanced signal processing allows nodes to collaboratively combine all simultaneous relay transmissions into a stronger and more robust signal, without causing data loss due to collisions or consuming additional bandwidth.

TSM provides mission critical voice, situational awareness, and data sharing without depending on infrastructure or pre-deploying equipment.

The US Army and US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) have chosen the TSM waveform to be the interoperability standard for tactical networking. The TSM waveform is the MANET solution for the US Army’s Integrated Tactical Network (ITN).



TrellisWare's Single Board Radio

World-Class Scalability and Spectrum Efficiency

The TSM Spirit Radio Minimizes Your Spectrum Footprint

The TSM waveform uses far less spectrum than competing MANET technologies, eliminating the need for gateways, minimizing network complexity, and maximizing robustness.

The scalability and efficiency of the TSM waveform is field proven by numerous tests and exercises conducted by the US Army and USSOCOM.
The TSM Spirit radio supports total spectrum coverage of over 1,500 radio frequency channels (at 1.2 MHz bandwidth) to support worldwide deployment.

The TSM waveform is scalable up to 800 nodes in a single 3.6 MHz channel, while still delivering rapid position location information (PLI) refresh rates; enabling a true flat network for the largest formations.

Expanding the Trellis//Sphere™

In true collaboration, we are working with an ever-growing community of integrators, end-users, and government stakeholders to develop the most capable tactical networking solutions enabled by TrellisWare technology.

We call this the Trellis//Sphere™.