San Diego – March 9, 2021 – TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., announced today the first shipments of their new TW-135 TSM Shadow® High Power Radio (HPR) to a North American military customer. Powered by the TrellisWare® TSM Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) waveform, the TW-135 TSM Shadow HPR is the right fit for changing missions and expanding network range.

TrellisWare’s TW-135 TSM Shadow HPR provides up to 20 watts of amplified transmit power across UHF, L-band, and S-band frequencies, extending range for vehicular, airborne, or manpack network configurations. The radio provides the same networking capability, data interfaces, and 2-channel audio as the TW-950/900 TSM Shadow handheld radio. Because of its powerful networking performance, the TW-135 TSM Shadow HPR allows for reliable communications as the network grows and moves.

Interoperable with all TSM enabled radios, the TW-135 TSM Shadow HPR radio supports a true flat network with massive scalability in a single radio frequency (RF) channel, while still delivering rapid position location information (PLI) updates for every radio.