TSM Waveform

The TSM™ waveform is designed to thrive in real tactical dynamic environments.

Complex Network

TSM™ Release 6

The TSM™ 6 waveform provides for enhanced network throughput, multi-cast HD video, flexible bandwidth, adaptability capability, and waveform portability. In highly mobile operations, TSM networking supports critical situations with true tactical agility.

Managing Assets

The TSM™ Management Tool is a PC-based application to define network and radio characteristics for a quick and easy deployment. For any given mission profile, devices operate in one network with maximum voice, data, and Position Location Information (PLI) usage. The tool is designed with large networks in mind, where multiple radios can easily be configured all at once.

Fully aware network
Performance for tactical operations

Robust Networking

TSM™ 6 leverages TrellisWare’s Barrage Relay™ technology and takes advantage of reflections and relays to deliver performance gain and reliability for the most challenging RF environments. The TSM networking ecosystem enables action-ready command and control by offering unfaltering robustness in the most challenging RF tactical environments, and reliable usable throughput in the most dynamic networking topologies.

TSM-X™ waveform

The TSM-X™ waveform is a version of the TSM waveform that includes specifically designed software functions to support and interface to NSA-certified (Type-1) security architectures. TSM-X networking features enhanced network throughput, multi-cast HD video, flexible bandwidth, adaptable capability, and waveform portability.

The TSM-X™ waveform was chosen as the primary tactical mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) technology for the U.S. Special Operations next generation handheld and next generation manpack radios. The waveform delivers robust, reliable, and scalable networking to 250+ nodes in a single RF channel, especially for tactical operations in challenging RF environments.

  • Robust – immune to network volatility in highly dynamic networks
  • Reliable – consistent throughput with voice and data services you can count on
  • Scalable – to address small to large and complex networks
Fully aware network

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