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MANET Link Reliability

TrellisWare’s technology effortlessly solves communication problems for the commercial sector by reducing latency, and by enabling rapid deployment, high throughput, and reliability. The TSM™ waveform is highly effective for critical situations in challenging RF environments that require video and data but experience communication link outages often.

The modem design in the TSM waveform ensures link reliability, and enables a TSM radio to receive multiple simultaneous relay transmissions and constructively combine them together. This results in a diversity combining advantage, similar to Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) but without the need and costs for multiple antennas and transceivers.

Soldiers in harsh conditions
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TrellisWare’s mobile ad-hoc network provides a robust physical link against severe Doppler and fast fading RF channels, and a rapid network adaption against network topology changes. The TSM waveform supports ground speeds up to 80km/hr and airborne platform speeds up to 400km/hr in dynamic networks.


  • Increases Line of Sight (LoS) range
  • Acts as a network relay to send and receive IP data
  • Low profile TSM module easily mounts to aircraft or other fast moving platforms
  • Provides video uplink/downlink air to ground
  • Robust communication links between ground and air assets
Emergency Response
Expect clear connections, reliable links, and a completely mobile, infrastructure-less network for when critical situations happen unexpectedly. Professionals responding to emergencies experience simple network management (with no routing, no access points or gateways, and no command centers), easy and rapid deployments, and are able to focus on the mission at hand.


  • Dedicated voice channels and advanced vocoders for high voice quality in latency sensitive applications
  • Flexible and adaptable solution for mission critical voice, video/data sharing, and situational awareness
  • Simple network management due to a flat layer-2 network architecture
  • Low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)
  • Fast network join time
Communications inside and around the decks of large vessels exemplifies severely restricted RF propagation. The slightest movement around steel corridors or up the rung of a ladder can cause traditional MANETs to breakdown. The TSM network is designed to operate in such harsh RF environments, and enables situational awareness with continuous, simultaneous voice, video, and data communications.


  • Immune to shipboard RF multipath, and takes advantage of reflections and relays to improve data and reliability
  • Proven shipboard deployments for reliable networking connectivity
  • Infrastructure-less network with simple network management
  • Self-forming, self-healing networking without user intervention
In subterranean environments such as mine shafts, caves, or tunnels where many signal reflections exist, TrellisWare’s proprietary technology incorporates receive-side collaborative combining techniques to handle extreme RF multipath fading.


  • Superior waveform designed for harsh RF environments
  • Robust, scalable advantage from 2 to 250+ nodes
  • Each radio peer node transmits, receives and transmits information simultaneously
  • No routing required
Many communities and organizations host large public events requiring reliable wireless communications for security. TrellisWare’s TSM waveform takes advantage of high multipath for indoor and outdoor venues, as it provides a higher performing solution in harsh RF environments. Security crews can experience a high level of voice quality without the worry of dropped links or outages.


  • The TSM waveform is not based on Wi-Fi, DECT, WiMax, or LTE chips
  • Designed for dynamic environments with a lot of RF volatility, user mobility, and interference
  • Robust in challenging environments: Shipboard, tunnel, heavy foliage, urban (in and around buildings)

Unique TSM Capability

The TSM waveform’s superior networking capability stems from its robust networking layer for link reliability. Its advanced signal processing allows TrellisWare radios to collaboratively combine simultaneous relay transmissions into a stronger and more robust signal, without causing data loss due to collisions or consuming additional bandwidth.

TSM does not chase artificially high throughputs in benign environments. Instead, the TSM network reliably performs in challenging environments with usable throughput, especially if everything goes wrong. TSM is the only MANET solution with field-proven 250+ nodes in a single RF channel performing in real operational environments.

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Free Space Optics

TrellisWare’s Free Space Optics (FSO) capability addresses spectrum congestion in the RF domain and the increased need for bandwidth. The FSO modem provides high bandwidth over long-link distances (10s of kilometers). FSO offers alternatives to microwave radios for commercial backhaul systems, and high-bandwidth inter-building links.

TrellisWare’s approach combats scintillation-induced fading using digital processing techniques instead of Adaptive Optics (AO) – significantly reducing Size, Weight, and Power of the overall system. The modem measures the channel and adapts on a packet-by-packet basis to match the available channel capacity.


Beyond Line of Sight

TrellisWare provides Beyond Line of Sight (BLoS) communications for air to ground, sea to shore, or networks consisting of complex topology. TrellisWare’s waveform ensures consistent link availability delivering the best possible throughput in any multipath fading environment, and it extends network reliability, scalability, and mobility for BLoS communications while enabling situational awareness through continuous voice, data, video, and PLI.

The TSM waveform satisfies the need for robust and adaptable Over the Horizon BLoS connectivity when satellite communications are denied or unavailable.

TrellisWare’s Troposcatter innovation provides reliable, high throughput, low latency BLoS communications from ship to ship, or from ship to oil rigging platforms – Over the Horizon. It is the scattering of the propagating signals due to the index of refraction irregularities in the troposphere, and some of these scattered signals can be received Over the Horizon at the receiver-side.
Custom High Frequency
TrellisWare is a provider for high performance high-frequency (HF) communication solutions. On-the-Move deployments benefit from wideband HF communications because it addresses low latency message delivery over long distances, and HF propagation provides single-hop connectivity in demanding environments with significant RF multipath. It exploits the physics of the ionosphere to achieve maximum throughput and reliability.
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FEC IP Cores

TrellisWare enables other solutions with its Flexible-Low Density Parity Check (F-LDPC) Forward Error Correction (FEC) cores, operative close to theoretic limits. These Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) F-LDPC codes are used in applications such as satellite communications. Other uses include storage and optical communications, and TrellisWare’s own mobile ad-hoc networking radio products. The flexible, capacity-approaching threshold performance and excellent floor performance of F-LDPC make it appealing to customers across diverse markets, with diverse applications.

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