Modern Forward Error Correction



A highly flexible FEC solution offering universally good performance, high speed decoding, and low implementation complexity.

Spectral Efficiency

F-LDPC FEC Licensing

TrellisWare provides intellectual property (IP) products. Most prevalent are the Flexible-Low Density Parity Check (F-LDPC) Forward Error Correction (FEC) cores incorporated into many commercial and government waveforms.

FEC is the spell checker of digital communications and corrects errors in received data. Modern FEC’s like TrellisWare’s F-LDPC are robust and have performance close to the theoretical optimum. F-LDPC is essential to error-free communications.

The F-LDPC is deployed in very small aperture terminal (VSAT) systems, free space optics (FSO) communication systems, holographic storage systems, a number of military waveforms, and TrellisWare’s own TSM™ products.

The F-LDPC FEC is part of TrellisWare’s technology base that is essential to waveform and signal processing elements.


Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Single encoder/decoder core supports 40 code rates (1/2–32/33) and multiple block sizes. Default block sizes are 128, 256, 512, …, 16384 bits
  • Single encoder/decoder core supports any block size, code rate, and modulation combination
  • Configurable on the fly: Block to block changes with zero latency
  • Custom block sizes and code rates can be added to standard cores
Proven Performance
  • Capacity approaching performance with low implementation complexity; maximizes Message Completion Rates (MCR)
  • Low error floors
  • High performance for small block sizes
High-Throughput, Low-Complexity
  • Up to 10 Gbps throughput in a single FPGA
  • 100 Gbps+ throughputs achievable in ASICs
  • Complexity lower than competing LDPC and turbo codes
Flexibility of F-LDPC Maximized Throughput
Error Correction

Product Deliverables


F-LDPC Core Support
TrellisWare’s off-the-shelf F-LDPC cores support:

  • 40 codes rates (1/2–32/33)
  • 8 block sizes (128, 256, 512, …, 16384 bits)
  • 4 modulations (BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM)
  • Log likelihood ratio (LLR) inputs for other digital modulations

Standard cores are delivered within weeks of purchase. Customize with different block sizes and rates before or after delivery.

Standard Packages
Standard Package for F-LDPC includes:

  • Encoder core (Synthesized netlist targeted to chosen FPGA)
  • Decoder core (Synthesized netlist targeted to chosen FPGA)
  • Datasheets for encoder and decoder cores
  • Modelsim simulation library
  • Test bench and test vectors
  • A bit-true C simulation library – called from MATLAB

All F-LDPC FEC product deliverables come as software/firmware files.

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