The Power of One Network

TrellisWare works to solve the toughest problems facing communications. Our unique technologies provide scalable and robust mobile ad-hoc networking for difficult RF environments, and interoperability between systems across dynamic topologies—all in one powerful network.

Innovating Advanced Wireless Communications

At TrellisWare, we are innovating communications solutions and products that provide simplicity, scalability and resiliency for challenging and complex wireless networks.

When Nothing Else Works

TrellisWare pushes wireless communication boundaries with mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs), advanced interference mitigation, signal processing, and waveforms.

Leading Waveform Innovation

We are a worldwide leader in the development and deployment of advanced waveforms. TrellisWare’s innovative waveforms focus on real-world operational challenges while optimizing information flow over the network.

First Responder

TrellisWare’s Radios

Discover TrellisWare’s wide-range of trusted and reliable radio products. Every radio operates the robust TSM waveform supporting uninterrupted real-time communications in harsh RF environments, and uniquely provides massive scalability and mobility across one network. TSM supports the true agility demanded by highly dynamic situations faced today.

BLOS Comms

Pioneering New Technologies

At TrellisWare, we provide leading expertise in signal processing while identifying and developing new technologies. A core technology is TrellisWare® Barrage Relay™ networking, which uses robust collaborative combining techniques. We innovate technology to broaden your access to the electromagnetic spectrum and take you far beyond line of sight communications.

TrellisWare’s 4th Annual TSM™ Working Group Generates a Synergistic Effect between Partners