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TSM Improves Communications in Harsh RF Environments


At the core of the TSM waveform is Barrage Relay™ technology. All nodes in a network collaboratively receive and retransmit multi-hop networking traffic. The TSM waveform supports simultaneous voice, data, video, and position location information (PLI). TSM’s non-routing approach ensures robust networking performance and scalability, especially in harsh RF environments.


The next generation of TSM networking provides enhanced network throughput, multi-cast HD video, flexible bandwidth, adaptable capability, and waveform portability. TSM-X is scalable to hundreds of nodes, and delivers reliable connectivity for challenging environments and mobile operations.

TSM Improves Communications in Harsh RF Environments

SRW Narrowband

TrellisWare is the prime developer for the U.S. Army’s next generation narrowband (NB) Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW), and is supplying the SRW NB waveform for the narrowband mode of SRW 2.0 next generation radios. It is a highly scalable NB waveform to provide assured communications in VHF, UHF and L-band.

This spectrally efficient SRW NB waveform improves range, network scalability, and provides mitigation against intentional and unintentional electronic warfare threats. With TSM’s core capabilities, services, and applications, SRW NB is effective for on-the-move communications with secure voice, data, and position location information. TrellisWare’s robust physical layer processing combined with unique IP networking technologies enable robust, long range networked communications.

Modernizing HF Communications

TrellisWare is modernizing wideband HF communications with innovative techniques that exploit the physics of the ionosphere to achieve maximum throughput and reliability. TrellisWare’s modern F-LDPC coding combined with iterative detection delivers unprecedented performance over the 24 KHz wideband channel. When operating in challenging environments with significant multipath, TrellisWare’s TRL-6 modem delivers significant performance gains over today’s solutions.

TSM Improves Communications in Harsh RF Environments
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Universal Air Ground

The Universal Air and Ground (UAG) physical layer (PHY) is an improved PHY for integrating into existing waveforms such as SRW and WNW. It is a multi-carrier waveform with bandwidth flexibility that enables dis-contiguous spectrum operation with throughputs exceeding 6 Mbps. The low latency performance makes UAG suited for defense and commercial applications, including robotics. The UAG PHY is available as an IP core for physical layer digital processing. This IP core is proven in disadvantaged JTRS platforms as well as in platforms with ample signal processing resources.

  • Multi-carrier bandwidth flexibility
  • Robustness to multi-path channels: high dynamic, terrestrial, and long delay spread
  • Broadband throughputs over 6 Mbps

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