Interference Cancellation


Interference Cancellation

Whether the interference is friendly, adversarial, or simply unavoidable, TrellisWare’s approach to interference cancellation ensures reliable communications across many interference environments. Tackling tough cancellation issues in both the analog and digital domains ensures optimal systems solutions.

Interference Cancellation
Interference Cancellation for:
  • Friendly jammer
  • Unfriendly jammer
  • STAR

Reference-less Interference Cancellation

Because of TrellisWare’s innovation in exploiting signal structures, this highly capable solution enables reliable communication in the presence of unfriendly jamming or when a friendly jammer reference is not available.


Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) on the same frequency allows the doubling of system capacity, but requires the cancellation of the transmitted signal from the desired received signal. TrellisWare’s expertise in both analog and digital interference cancellation is ideally suited to enable spectrum saving STAR technologies.


TrellisWare’s innovative Joint Analog and Digital Interference Canceller (JADIC) technology is a high dynamic range tethered interference cancellation system that provides effective communications in the presence of jammers. JADIC enables simultaneous operations by removing the strong jammer signal from the incoming received signal, enabling communications.

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