TSM™ version 6.2.1 firmware increases network capacity, doubles the network size possible, and expands interoperability to an even greater ecosystem

San Diego, CA – May 16, 2022 – TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., announced today the launch of its newest feature set for the TSM™ waveform as part of the 6.2.1 firmware release. TrellisWare’s® TSM™ waveform 6.2.1 (TSM 6.2.1) firmware release enhances throughput applications such as video and uncrewed systems, facilitates TSM networks to be fielded with unprecedented scalability compared to other MANET offerings in the market, and expands interoperability with Type 1 networks deploying TSM-X™ with Warrior Robust Enhanced Network (WREN) Security (AKA WREN TSM). This firmware release further improves the TSM network management experience and improves third-party software integration.

  • Enhanced Throughput Experience –

Several new features contribute to better throughput for TrellisWare® radios in a TSM network. High Data Rate (HDR) Mode delivers greater throughput to provide greater support for high bandwidth applications, such as HD video. New Packet Processing Rules (PPR) allow for more tailorable and efficient use of the network, thus increasing overall network capacity. Spectrum Pipelining is a feature that doubles available multi-hop throughput by configuring the network to operate over two radio frequency (RF) channels, thereby reducing channel contention. This feature also provides significant spectrum flexibility because the channels do not need to be contiguous.

  • Massive Scalability –

TSM 6.2.1 dramatically increases the number of radios and attached devices supported in a TSM network across all configurable bandwidths, and eases configuration management when a single large network is desired. TSM 6.2.1 supports 800+ radios, and in addition, up to 800 attached devices such as end-user-devices (EUDs) in a single 1.2 MHz RF channel.

  • Approved Solution for a Mixed Security Network–

Radios running TSM 6.2.1 participating in a WREN TSM network can now relay Secret and Below (SAB) communications, as well as participate in Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) traffic. This allows for the deployment of a mixed SAB and SBU network. Other solutions, such as cabling SBU and SAB radios together, disregard legitimate security considerations and put users at risk.

  • Radio and Network Management –

New radio and network management tools included with TSM 6.2.1 facilitate an improved user experience in areas of provisioning and network monitoring. The TrellisWare Network Controller’s (TNC) Over The Air Management (OTAM) feature allows for configuration of multiple radios in a single “remote control” instance over a TSM network. In addition, users can now view the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) of a link in the TrellisWare Network Controller (TNC) Link page.

  • Enhanced Position Location Information (PLI) Functionality –

The new external PLI feature allows radios to ingest PLI in one of several selectable formats from an external device and transport it efficiently over a TSM network. Furthermore, PLI distributed in a TSM network can now be accessed more easily and efficiently.

“The TrellisWare Engineering and Customer Support teams are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology that meet the needs of our customers and improves their workflow,” said Nick Guiffrida, product manager, software. “The newest TSM 6.2.1 firmware release further positions TSM ahead of traditional MANET technology for markets balancing high-throughput and reliability, including large scale soldier modernization programs. In our mission to meet future resilient communications today, TSM 6.2.1 builds on the previous TSM 6.1.7 firmware release that includes Long Range Mode and Multi-Net Bridge, among other key features.”

The TrellisWare TSM waveform 6.2.1 firmware release is now available to registered users of TrellisWare radios. Contact TrellisWare Customer Support for more information at support@trellisware.com.

If you will be attending SOFIC in Tampa May 16-19, please contact sales@trellisware.com to schedule a presentation of the TSM waveform 6.2.1 firmware release, as well as learn more about our newest narrowband waveform, Katana™.

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