Presentation of the award to Andreas by the IEEE MILCOM Steering Committee Chair Dr. Thomas G.
MacDonald (far left) and members of the IEEE MILCOM Steering Committee, Dr. Carl Fossa and Dr.
Christine Zhang (right) on Nov. 30, 2022, in Washington DC

TrellisWare’s co-founder Andreas Polydoros, Ph.D., receives a prestigious award
recognizing 40 years of technical contributions to military communications

WASHINGTON, DC, USA – December 5, 2022/ – TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., today announced that the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) presented Andreas Polydoros, Ph.D., co-founder of TrellisWare, its annual award in recognition of sustained technical contributions to military communications.

Dr. Polydoros received the prestigious award on November 30th during this year’s 40th IEEE Military Communications (MILCOM) Conference in Washington D.C The annual award, established in 1998, recognizes individuals who have made long-term important technical contributions to military communications, as evidenced by significant, high-quality, technical publications presented at the IEEE MILCOM Conference. Andreas is the 24th recipient of this award.

Dr. Thomas G. MacDonald, MILCOM Steering Committee Chair, mentioned an interesting fact about Andreas and MILCOM during the presentation, noting that “Andreas Polydoros presented the very first paper at the first ever MILCOM” in 1982. MILCOM is recognized as the preeminent forum that brings together thought leaders in government, industry, and academia to discuss innovative research and cutting-edge technology development.

Dr. Polydoros is currently the chairman of TrellisWare’s Technology Advisory Board. He received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering (EE) from the University of Southern California (USC) in 1982. He joined the electrical engineering faculty of USC the same year, becoming a full professor in 1992. Dr. Polydoros was the originator of the Per-Survivor Processing concept and co-inventor of the related patent (1995). He also did fundamental work in spread spectrum communications, for which he became a Fellow of the IEEE in 1995.

“I am very obligated to my two employers, both of which provided me with the tools and the mental space to create whatever I thought important: the University of Southern California and TrellisWare Technologies,” said Dr. Polydoros. “Now I am a Trelly and hopefully, I will continue to contribute to its success.”

“What differentiates Andreas is his interest in seeing his work used in real-life applications,” said Metin Bayram, president, and CEO of TrellisWare. “Due to the advanced nature of his work, military communications were a good target, and thus his early involvement in the key technologies that got TrellisWare started. I’ve known Andreas for over 20 years. One thing that has never changed is his enthusiasm about new, great ideas and his search for technical truth.”


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