TrellisWare Technologies is proud to support Saber Strike 18, a military exercise across many European countries involving thousands of soldiers from primarily NATO allies. Led by the United States Army Europe, the exercise seeks to build readiness and cohesion between coalition partners in a large scale, complex environment.

TrellisWare team members have been supporting the Saber Strike event since April, issuing radios, providing classroom training to soldiers, as well as configuring and integrating radios with the Nett Warrior communications system. TrellisWare representatives are currently in Europe supporting the 173rd, 2CR, and 1-508th troops.

TrellisWare is providing unparalleled voice and communication data links. The soldiers are using the AN/PRC-148C IMBITR equipped with TrellisWare’s TSM™ waveform, and they are also using CUB™ radios and TSM Ghost™ radios. Many soldiers carrying TrellisWare® radios are connected to Android™ devices; this combination delivers soldiers unprecedented situational awareness at all levels of the formation.

The TSM waveform supports Battalion-level communications, supporting 250+ radios in a single, flat network with no need for gateways or additional hardware. The waveform supports simultaneous voice, data, video, and position location information (PLI), and flexible bandwidth in the UHF, L-band, and S-band. The TrellisWare radios are providing soldiers in the Saber Strike exercise with reliable voice communications, data and PLI to everyone in their network.  The PLI is shared for a larger common operational picture, giving leaders a more comprehensive, real-time view of the entire battle picture.

As a leader in waveform innovation, TrellisWare addresses real-world operational challenges while optimizing information flow over the network. The TSM waveform is the preferred waveform for U.S. military operations because of its proven and unique non-routing, digital signal processing approach which ensures robust tactical networking performance and unmatched scalability.