TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., provided technology and support for the recent Network Integration Evaluation (NIE) 18.2 at Fort Bliss, Texas that was aimed at assessing the U.S. Army’s network modernization strategy, including some of the newest tactical radios available.

During the event, TrellisWare provided an advanced networking solution with its commercially-developed TSM™ waveform, and the capabilities of the waveform proved to be an important part of integrated tactical network (ITN). As a technology provider for large radio companies and system providers, the TSM waveform technology is embedded into third-party products.

The mobile ad-hoc networks that employ the TSM waveform can effectively navigate real-world challenges such as environments with RF congestion and interference, high mobility, and limited spectrum availability. TSM networking can scale to hundreds of nodes in a single RF channel while it shares information across the network, such as positional data, video and voice.

The training exercise formed a large TSM network that included U.S. Army Leader Radios and TrellisWare TSM Ghost™ radios, demonstrating interoperability across multiple vendors all running the TSM waveform. The primary purpose was to evaluate radios and collect feedback from the soldiers.