May 22–24 in Tampa, Florida, TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., is exhibiting in booth #410 at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) & Exhibition, showcasing our next generation family of radios. This year we are unveiling new products that complement the TSM Shadow™ radio. Among these new products are embeddable solutions that further enable integration of the TSM™ waveform into TrellisWare partners’ products.

The TW-950 TSM Shadow radio is now in production. The radio provides an expanded frequency range covering L-UHF, U-UHF, and L/S-bands, higher throughputs for streaming multiple HD videos, and is interoperable with devices that run TSM-X™ waveform functionality. For tailoring your network needs an abundance of new accessories are available for TSM Shadow. These include audio and USB cables accessible from the top cap of the radio, expanded side connectors for simplified use, a wide range of antennas, and new power options.

New variants of the TSM Ghost™ product are in the line-up. The TW-870 is a data modem designed for embedding into host platforms in fast deployed mobile ad-hoc networking scenarios. It features external power, data, GPS and RF antenna connectors, and Ethernet via a cable adapter. The TW-875 is a relay and tracking device with a built-in battery, perfect for situational awareness and real-time intelligence. It features GPS and RF connectors, internal and external power, data connector, and a small LCD display.

Other products supporting the ever-expanding TSM network include the TW-650 TSM Shadow module, a single-board software defined radio (SDR) architected for embedment into a wide range of systems, including tactical communications platforms, network devices, and unmanned systems. And currently in conceptual stages, the high powered vehicular form factor TW-150 radio is a 20 W amplifier that covers UHF and L/S-band frequencies.

The proven TSM™ waveform compliments interoperability with the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) MANET for SOF Tactical Communications (STC) radios, including the STC Next Generation Handheld (NGHH) and Next Generation Manpack (NGMP). As the primary MANET for USSOCOM, the TSM waveform enables reliable and scalable networking in real tactical environments, when it matters most.

TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. is a privately held communications company in San Diego, California.  We are a worldwide leader in highly advanced algorithms, waveforms, and communications systems that range from small form factor radio products to fully integrated solutions. Look for our booth at the Tampa Convention Center, and be sure to visit us at SOFIC booth #410.