TrellisWare Technologies continued to provide reliable and Infrastructure-less Mobile Ad-hoc Networking for the 2015 Boston Marathon

Boston, Massachusetts, April 20, 2015 – TrellisWare Technologies, a world leader in state-of-the-art wireless communications solutions and signal processing innovations, announced today its continued support for the Boston Marathon public safety and security operations with its Tactical Scalable Mobile Ad-hoc (TSM) communications network.

TrellisWare assisted in the deployment of a wireless mesh network at the marathon’s start line in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and the finish line in downtown Boston—both geographically separate networks were combined over a tactical satellite network. The Assembled National Guard WMD-Civil Support Teams and a multi-jurisdictional Task Force-Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and high-yield Explosives (CBRNE) relied on TrellisWare’s TSM network to provide an infrastructure-less network for seamless mission essential communications in the event commercial systems congest or fail, as can happen when dealing with a large number of end devices. TrellisWare provided the Task Force with a network capable of delivering aggregated situational awareness of communications and sensor technology for the duration of the Boston Marathon.

TrellisWare radios were positioned among downtown buildings, suburban areas, and through dense foliage that resulted in mission reliable connectivity while providing secure voice, IP data, chat and position location tracking on Android mobile devices and tactical operation center PCs. To further extend the TSM network, a TrellisWare radio was also integrated on a commercial aircraft to act as an airborne relay.

“It is an extraordinary honor to help with the Boston Marathon,” said Tom Carter, TrellisWare’s CEO. “We are proud to offer real-time intelligence to every security member, and to be in the business of keeping private agencies as well as the public safe during national events.”

For more information, please contact TrellisWare at (858) 753-1600