TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., is leading the development of the Warrior Robust Enhanced Network-Narrowband (WREN-NB) waveform for the US Army. This technically innovative project, formerly known as the Soldier Radio Waveform-Narrowband (SRW-NB), is being designed to help achieve global mission success. The new WREN-NB capability will enable spectrum efficiency for tactical communications and address challenges faced by current communications solutions.

Today’s soldiers need to be able to count on resilient integrated tactical networking for any deployed situation in real dynamic environments. This includes spectral efficiency and spectrum supportability to enable worldwide operations, network scalability, mitigation against intentional and unintentional electronic warfare threats, and improved range for air and ground operational environments.

The new WREN-NB waveform will answer the battlefield needs of today and tomorrow. WREN-NB will have wide frequency coverage as well as massive scalability. It will provide mitigation against intentional and unintentional electronic warfare threats. The waveform will include secure IP network capabilities, extended network range, and interoperability between different radio platforms. WREN-NB will provide a highly scalable and robust waveform with simplified network management for operations in congested or contested environments.

The development project is entering the final phase with interoperability test events and demonstrations planned for this coming year.