TrellisWare’s TSM™ waveform provides U.S. Army with advanced integrated tactical networking.

San Diego, California, October 31, 2018 – TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., as a key technology partner with U.S. government and industry, provides advanced networking waveform capability for the U.S. Army’s 2-Channel Leader Radio program recently awarded to Thales Defense & Security, Inc., and Harris Corporation. The Thales Leader Radio AN/PRC-148C (IMBITR) and Harris AN/PRC-163 radio have been selected to support the Army’s Network Modernization strategy – and both radios are equipped with the TrellisWare TSM waveform to provide highly scalable flat networking to support voice and data for an entire battalion on a single RF channel.

The Leader Radios will also be used to support the communication deployment needs for the Army’s new Security Force Assistance Brigades (SFABs). The TSM waveform is ideally suited for diverse SFAB missions because the waveform can scale from narrow 1.2 MHz channels for voice and positional reporting, up to 4, 10, 20 and 40 MHz channels supporting the sharing of multiple videos and other data.

Leading up to the Army Leader Radio program award, the TSM waveform has been a key enabler during the U.S. Army Network Cross-Functional Team experimentation efforts in recent months. Equipped with the TSM waveform, the Leader Radios will continue to be leveraged for experimentation in contested and congested environments, among other current and emerging communication challenges facing the Army. Because TSM is a true Software-Defined Radio (SDR) waveform, TrellisWare continues to evolve the capability with enhanced features and resiliency, while protecting the investment in existing radio platforms.

TrellisWare continues to support tactical command, control, and communications as networking needs and threats around the globe evolve. Using TrellisWare’s innovative Barrage Relay™ technology at is core, the TSM waveform is fundamentally changing the way tactical networking can be deployed for U.S. and coalition forces.