TrellisWare Technologies reveals its latest product concept for Mobile Ad-hoc Networking at 2015 SOFIC


Tampa, Florida, May 19, 2015 – TrellisWare Technologies, a world leader in wireless communications solutions and signal processing innovations, announced today its next generation TW-850 TSM Ghost product. This affordable and compact GPS tracking and IP device is being shown at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) at the Tampa Convention Center.

TSM Ghost provides real-time, continuous GPS Position Location Information (PLI) for tracking of personnel and assets, and a strong IP data link for TSM networks. Despite its super small size, only 3×3” x 2.4” x 0.85” and weighing a mere 8 oz, TSM Ghost makes a big impact as a tactical tracking relay and IP data node. As a full radio, it improves situational awareness and mission coordination—especially against friendly-fire. TSM Ghost easily connects to tablets or laptops via a micro-USB, and it provides effective GPS monitoring for ground troops as well as for robotics or unmanned systems (UAVs).

Connected by TrellisWare’s robust and infrastructure-less Tactical Scalable Mobile Ad-hoc Network, TSM Ghost acts as a relay for voice, IP data, video, and PLI traffic for all radios on the network and extends the range and reliability of the network.

“We are excited to showcase TSM Ghost, TrellisWare’s first product offering for the next generation MANET. It is designed as a low-cost, low SWaP tracking relay,” said Tom Carter, TrellisWare’s President and CEO. “We believe in providing winning solutions and safety around the globe; and with Ghost’s size, embedded battery, fast PLI updates, IP capability, and scalability, every warfighter has the advantage in any critical situation.”

For more information, please contact TrellisWare Technologies at (858) 753-1600.