The TrellisWare® radio product line-up, powered by the TSM™ Waveform, now features next generation TSM Ghost devices. The TW-870 and TW-875 TSM Ghost products build upon the success of the previous generation TW-850 to address the specialized use cases within the TSM ecosystem that require small form factor radios with simplified interfaces.

The newer products pack a lot more punch with optimal Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP). Built with the same robust core board as the TW-900/950 TSM Shadow™ handheld, the TSM Ghost products are fully operational radios offering an expanded spectrum to cover the UHF, L-band, and S-band frequencies.

The TW-870 TSM Ghost device is the most compact TrellisWare radio without having to integrate at the board level. This data modem is designed for rapid deployment and embedment into host platforms. The radio features external power, data, GPS, RF antenna connectors, and Ethernet via a cable adapter. The TW-870 TSM Ghost radio is easy to embed and lightweight, ideal for integrating into unmanned systems or any communications platform. The result is a simplified integration effort to bring new platforms onto a TSM network.

The TW-875 TSM Ghost radio is highly portable with a built-in battery that provides flexibility in deploying and enhancing any TSM network. The low-profile design of the radio is perfect as a leave behind networking relay to enhance and extend network range, supporting the relay of real-time voice, video, data, and continuous Position Location Information (PLI). The TW-875 is equipped with GPS and RF antennas connectors, USB data connector, external power, and a small LCD display.

As part of the TSM product family, the next generation TSM Ghost radios operate with the reliable and scalable TSM waveform, allowing the radios to extend the TSM ecosystem in ways never possible before.