TrellisWare’s TSM™ waveform technology provides massive scalability enabling a reliable flat network that significantly reduces the spectrum footprint.

San Diego, California, July 28, 2017 – TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. (, today announced the successful completion of the TSM Network Scalability Test in which 155 radios were networked together in a single RF channel. TrellisWare hosted over 25 representatives from U.S. and U.K. defense organizations to witness first-hand the unique and scalable approach to networking offered by the TrellisWare TSM Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) waveform.

The event demonstrated to attendees that a flat Army company-wide lower-tier network, or brigade-wide mid-tier network, is feasible today with the TrellisWare’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) portable TSM waveform using only a single 1.2 MHz RF channel. The TSM waveform formed a 1.2 MHz network consisting of 155 radios that simultaneously supported multiple dedicated voice talk groups, Position Location Information (PLI) updates for every radio every 10 seconds, and still provided sufficient throughput for multicast multi-hop IP video and data streaming.

TrellisWare demonstrated the 155 node network using their TW-400 CUB™ and TW-850 TSM Ghost™ tactical radios and partners’ SDR platforms with TSM capability. A series of tests were conducted that showcased simple network configuration and management, fast network formation, fast network joining by incoming radios, multi-hop networking, and high Message Completion Rate (MCR) operation in mobile and high-multipath environments. Additionally, TrellisWare demonstrated the flexibility of the TSM waveform by configuring the same flat 155 radio network to use single 3.6 MHz and 20 MHz RF channels to showcase scenarios that require high IP data bandwidth such as streaming higher resolution video to all radios on the network.

“We are thrilled to have members of the U.S. and U.K. defense communities come to our facility and see for themselves the power of TrellisWare’s TSM network,” said Metin Bayram, President and CEO of TrellisWare. “The tests we ran this week proved that TSM can address the challenges that have hindered other MANET waveforms from being successfully deployed, and enable a simpler, more reliable, and more spectrum efficient Army tactical network architecture.”

TrellisWare’s TSM waveform has been deployed for nearly ten years within special operations forces, leading to the TSM waveform having been chosen as the primary MANET for the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) next generation handheld and manpack radios.

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